What is ‘normal’?

 The background

Yesterday, I watched a series movie ‘Cold Case’, then had this dialogue memorized in my brain:

“…Do you live a life that you want when you were 15?

Not really


It’s impossible. Now, it feels like I’m watching someone else’s life, from the front row”

This morning, I sit at the front row of a bus heading to my office. While the bus waited for its passenger to fill up, I observed each people passing by. Each of them has their own figure, walk fast – walk like a bitch, fat – flat tummy, tired – wondering face, in style – not so, so on. Yes, it is mixed with beautiful eyes, stunning skin color, braveness in their body gesture, and so on. I just observed their appearance, definitely I don’t know who they really are as a person.

And this question popped up in my:

What is normal?

No one has a super perfect life. We might be good or great at work, but our relationship at home was like oil and water. We might be beautiful like a porcelain doll, but inside there’s a porcelain heart as well, fragile. 

Do you ever meet someone that you think his/her life is a perfect one? We might jealous on him/her, but it’s not for the whole packaged of their life. We’re jealous for some part of their life. Well, people might feel the same way towards our existence.

Nothing is normal, for the sake of Mother Nature.


The gesture of gratitude, acceptance, love, loved, spread kindness more, and so on…are the most normal thing of choice we can take each day. For me, that makes us live a life normally. Life is a complex factor towards many directions, and faces various schemes of offerings. 

So, maybe to feel a normal life is another state of mind.

Love, i.