Finally, we have…puppies

Just like other couple, we had a long arguing-seasons of having ‘additional’ member of our little family. My husband is a dog-person-who-hates-cat while I adore them, both. Sometimes, I teased him by allowing neighbour / street cats took nap at our veranda. We visited dog adoption day once and followed some updated info of dog for adoption. Nothing changed untill our first year marriage. We still lived by just two of us.

So one night, the rainy season had just started, I walked down the streets headed to our house finding a female dog running around from one side to other side of the street. So, I tried to call her to stay at the side of the street. It used to not many cars or bikes passing by but their speed could kill this little creature. Then, I found her puppies cuddling under the tree covered with dirt and rain. They might be died tonight if I didn’t do anything. That’s my one and only thought. So I called my husband asking for approval of rescue-mission. Fortunately, he’s not far away approaching our location. We had our first deal to save the puppies.

It was the first terrible night having two little ‘girls’ at home. They wake us at 2am cause they need to do their own business outside their bed-box (means pee and poop). First day had its own story as well. They accompanied my husband to pet shop then back to home at night with terrible nauseas, puke, and dizzy. I was worried at that time but remembering those moment again makes me smile successfully.

It is our second week already. They are getting bigger surely but sometimes I feel they still miss their own mom

How to Be a Better Writer: 6 Tips From Harvard’s Steven Pinker

Point taken!


U want 2B a better writer?

Good writing is often looked at as an art and, frankly, that can be intimidating. No need to worry. There are rules — even science — behind writing well.

Our brain works a particular way; so what rules do we need to know to write the way the brain best understands?

To find out the answer I gave Steven Pinker a call.

Steven is a cognitive scientist and linguist at Harvard. He’s also on the Usage Panel of the American Heritage Dictionary.

Steven was recently ranked as one of the top 100 most eminent psychologists of the modern era.

His latest book is The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. And it’s great.

Below you’ll learn:

  1. The two key elements that will improve your writing.
  2. The biggest mistake we all make — and…

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Why Do I Help You?

GA 323 departure SUB 18:00 arrival CGK 19:35, 7 November 2014

It was my solo travel. I couldn’t remember the last time I went alone for a travel using an air plane. So, after finishing the Surabaya’s road show program with my Bapak (who left to another city, continuing the awaiting schedule at Sulawesi Island), a day strolling around the city with an old friend – a resident of Surabaya, then it was my time to travel alone back to Jakarta.

I saw some expat-faces and heard some foreigner languages during our boarding time, a reminder from a senior stewardess with orange uniform to an old man who still talked on the phone inside the air plane, a last-minute young man with his black eye-glasses tangled on his pocket tried to packed his luggage in plane’s compartment, then a man who sitting next to me. He’s nothing special, forgettable. Landed smoothly at Soekarno-Hatta airport, as usual, all passengers tried to be the first get out of the plane. Well, that’s amusing for me cause we pay an expensive price just for getting out as fast as we can. Since it took longer time for the door to be opened, I stood up from my seat to see what’s happened at the front row. He already stood queuing with other passengers. Then I heard that small voice (assuming the effect of ear-pain I had during the landing):

Do you want to take your luggage?” (yes, he said it in English)

… (I thought he talked to his friend)

Do you want to take your luggage?” He repeated the question. So, I turned my face to him to confirm that he was talking to me. And, yes he was.

Oh, sure” I replied anxiously.

This one?” He pulled my bag from compartment.

I nodded graciously and thanked him.

I had experienced a hard journey for the last couple months. It was hard because nothing is in my control. I had to deal with situation which decisions are made for me, not by me. I headed to the unknown direction which I did not like, for this time being (whoever knows what they truly like or dislike in the future). I was helpless. I shared little part of my feelings to some friends, to unloaded the top of my burden but still left the biggest part for my self. Well, I tried to tell God asking for help and mercy too. If life is like a two hours movie then there’s plot of main character experiencing suffer and pain. It might take half of the movie, more or less. And, I was (am) in that plot right now.

I thanked that ordinary man actually not for pulling my luggage out of compartment. I thanked him for helping me. Do you remember the last time someone help you without you have to ask them first? They help you because they know you need it. They meant it. They help you because they are in the right position to give a hand. They observe your problem. They help you because they love you. If unconditional love is too much, they simply just want you to be happy. They help you because they want you to be the best, not want the best for you. It’s your life, you are the decision maker.

I need a help, and it’s also a reminder for me, what I can do to help others.

How about you?